O9Solutions Inc Is Hiring SDET - Performance Testing | Bangalore

  • Bengaluru
  • Private
  • 3.6 LPA to 6 LPA
  • Deadline: Feb 03, 2023
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2 to 5 Years

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Feb 03, 2023

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O9Solutions Inc Is Hiring SDET Performance Testing | Bangalore


  • Performance Test Engineer with 5-10 years full time experience using Jmeter.
  • Must be able to code in Java/Python and should have experience in writing stubs/scripts on a large scale implementation(500k – 1 million) preferably in .NET environment.
  • Usage and knowledge of performance monitoring in-built tools viz. Perfmon, .NET CLR Tools, Visual Studio Concurrency Analyzer, Perfview
  • Thorough Understanding of distributed system architecture which includes memory management and fragmentation behaviors, profiling(JetBrains, Visual Studio or similar), server and client performance testing
  • Should have been involved in performance engineering exercises which include identification of bottlenecks including but not limited to memory leaks, chasing leaks, dominate trees, CPU utilization(Intel VTune Amplifier or similar), database tuning(SQL and NoSQL databases), GC pressure, optimization for heap graphs and heap sampling, synchronous and asynchronous event handling, circuit breaker pattern, concept of service mesh, service discovery and distributed tracing
  • Experience in .NET applications and performance tuning Experience in containerization
  • Experience in container management


  • Good Understanding of Cloud Architecture specifically on AWS and/or Azure and/or Google Cloud and capacity planning of the Infra.
  • Should be aware of various load balancers, security groups, setting up infrastructure across Availability Zone and across regions.
  • Very good understanding of performance testing microservices architecture with middleware technologies for data integration.
  • Performance testing of distributed systems with message brokers, Ingress and API Gateway
  • Should have been involved in High Availability and Resilience testing( tools like Chaos Monkey) across the entire Infra stack
  • Should be able to script ground up with service definitions, should have used tools such as Fiddler, Wireshark for web debugging and network analyzing
  • Should have used any open source Performance logging, alerting and monitoring tools and stacks viz. ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, App Dynamics(desirable but not mandated)
  • Should have used Continuous Integration tools viz. Jenkins(desirable) to schedule automated execution.

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Note: Only shortlisted candidates will receive the call letter for further rounds.

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