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May 06, 2023

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Women for STEM India stands at the forefront as a pioneering publication, striving to foster opportunities for women in the realm of exploratory research. The core objective is to bridge the gender gap prevalent in scientific and engineering research funding within academic institutions and research and development (R&D) laboratories.



This initiative is committed to providing Indian women scientists with equal access and fair opportunities to engage in R&D activities, thereby catalyzing diversity within the research landscape.


Paving the Way for Gender Equality


The primary objective is crystal clear: to diminish gender disparities in research funding. At the heart of this mission lies the determination to ensure that women scientists in academic institutions and R&D laboratories receive equal opportunities to excel.


Fostering a Culture of Innovation


Innovation is the driving force of this initiative. The focus is on cultivating a culture of exploratory research and creativity. The platform serves as a conduit for women scientists to share their pioneering research findings and insights with the world.


Empowering Women Scientists


Women for STEM India is on a mission to empower and inspire women scientists. The aim is to showcase their remarkable achievements, share their experiences, and celebrate their success stories. Through interviews and articles, invaluable insights and career advice are provided to bolster their professional growth.


Where Art Meets STEM


The profound synergy between art and scientific expression and communication is recognized. The platform warmly welcomes artistic endeavors that explore the intersection between art and STEM disciplines.


The WFSI Internship Program: Shaping Futures


Internship Details


The WFSI Internship Program offers a distinctive opportunity for aspiring individuals to acquire valuable experience while actively contributing to the mission of reducing gender disparities in STEM fields. The commitment to diversity drives the initiative to provide equal opportunities for Indian women scientists to thrive in research and development.


Why Choose this Internship Program?

Why Choose this Internship Program?


1. Meaningful Contribution:

As an intern at Women for STEM India, individuals play a pivotal role in advancing the mission to empower women in exploratory research. The work directly impacts narrowing the gender gap in STEM and promoting equality in academic institutions and R&D laboratories.


2. Personal Growth:

Beyond gaining professional experience, the Internship Program is meticulously designed to help individuals unearth their strengths, interests, and life direction. The opportunity to refine goals and cultivate confidence is provided as interns shoulder responsibilities within the team, collaborating to achieve shared objectives.


3. Skill Development:

Throughout the internship, individuals have the chance to cultivate a diverse set of skills that prove invaluable in both personal and professional life. Communication prowess, presentation abilities, and self-assuredness are just a few examples of the transformation interns undergo during their tenure.


4. Build Your Resume:

An internship with Women for STEM India is a prestigious addition to any CV. The experiences gained and the meaningful contributions made are sure to impress prospective employers and academic institutions alike.


5. Exploration of Interest:

The program offers a window into various facets of a full-time career within the STEM domain. It is a unique opportunity to explore different roles, projects, and career paths, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their future.


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