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TCS Launchpad for the perfect takeoff


TCS Launchpad is a thriving community of young talent aspiring for an optimal start to their careers with TCS. If that describes you, think of an exclusive learning space that covers the length and breadth of everything you want to know and need to know to step into the corporate world with confidence — that's Launchpad for you! This unique platform offers a wide array of carefully curated learning modules, engagements and connections that you can explore to update your knowledge and hone your skills. It has all the right resources that will give you an edge in your preparation for the hiring test which is your gateway to a TCS career.


TCS Launchpad is a one-stop guide for all your learning needs. Check out the multitude of offerings!


TCS Launchpad - Carve a new path for yourself

Keep exploring all features of Launchpad

What is your biggest motivation to join TCS?

  • Work-life Balance.
  • New and challenging role.
  • Partnering with global teams.
  • Achieving professional heights

We have hand-picked some articles from our blog catalogue just for you to smoothly make the Campus to Corporate transition. We hope the information will interest you, the insights will benefit you, and the stories will inspire you.

How to participate in TCS Launchpad?

To optimally leverage TCS Launchpad, you will need to register with TCS Nextstep.

Below are the steps:

  • Step 1. Log on to the TCS NextStep Portal here.
  • Step 2. As you are a new user, click on Register Now.
    *If you have CT/DT Number then, you can directly move to step 5
  • Step 3. Choose the category as ‘IT’ and proceed to fill in your details.
  • Step 4. Voila! A pop-up will appear with your CT/DT Number
    Your CT/DT Number will be your unique identification number to provide you access to the Courses and evaluation courses in the TCS Launchpad community and other updates on TCS Campus Commune.
  • Step 5. Click here to log in to TCS Launchpad
  • Step 6. Enter your TCS NextStep credentials (CT/DT number)
  • Step 7. Select Catalogue on the top-right of the homepage
  • Step 8. Subscribe to TCS_Launchpad_FY23 and you are done!


What is TCS Launchpad?

TCS Launchpad is a gateway to limitless growth for soon-to-be graduates looking to successfully transition from Campus to Corporate and work with the global IT Leader - TCS

Is this program applicable to India or Global TCS aspirants?

At present, this program is only applicable to Indian aspirants.

How will TCS Launchpad assist my career growth and transition from Campus to Corporate?

TCS Launchpad offers an array of courses on various programming languages, SME Connects with market leaders, Technology Bootcamps, Webinars, Assessments and Interview Prep series’ to hone your skills and be industry-ready.

Do I need to create my profile under 'BPS' or 'IT' to access the TCS Launchpad Offerings?

You are requested to create your profile under 'IT'

My TCS NextStep account is locked. How can I unlock it?

A: Request you to directly log on to

1. Click the “Unlock Account & Reset Password” link on the Login screen. You will receive an auto-generated email for resetting the password after 15 minutes.

2. Please do not click on the link repeatedly as every time you click on the link, it will take another 15 minutes to generate the new password and send it your registered email address.

3. Request you to use a Desktop/Laptop. Please clear the cache, history and cookies and use the latest version of Internet Explorer/Google Chrome

How do I access the TCS Launchpad courses and assessments?

It is mandatory to register on TCS NextStep ( to gain access to the TCS Launchpad offerings.

Once you generate your CT/DT Number, follow the below steps to subscribe and be part of the TCS Launchpad learning community and access courses and assessments.

  • Step 1: Click here
  • Step 2: Enter your TCS NextStep credentials.
  • Step 3: On the iON page, select ‘Catalogue’
  • Step 4: Subscribe to TCS_Launchpad_FY23

What if I already have a CT/DT reference number? Do I need to register again?

No, you do not need to register again.

I have forgotten my CT/DT Reference ID. Where do I get it?

You would have got an email from [email protected] upon successful registration. The Reference ID would be mentioned in the same. For further queries, you can write to [email protected]

I have incorrectly created my profile under 'BPS'. What should I do now?

If you have incorrectly created your profile under BPS, you will need to create your profile under 'IT' once again using your own alternate Email ID. If you want to get your BPS profile deleted, please send a mail to [email protected]

Do I have to incur any cost to be part of TCS Launchpad?

No. TCS does not charge any money at any stage of the process and is also not affiliated with any agent/agency/company charging a fee for any learning or hiring initiatives.

Whom do I contact for any assistance?

For any assistance, please reach out:

Interested candidates apply through the below link. Apply before the link expires.
( Select Apply Without Registration )

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will receive the call letter for further rounds.

Apply Now
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