18 Most-used Linux Commands You Should Know

Linux commands are instructions for interacting with the operating system. They help manage files, directories, system processes, and many other aspects of the system. You need to become familiar with these commands in order to navigate and maintain Linux-based systems efficiently and effectively.


The following are some popular Linux commands:

  • ls - List files and directories
  • cd - Change the current directory
  • mkdir - Create a new directory
  • rm - Remove files or directories
  • cp - Copy files or directories
  • mv - Move or rename files or directories
  • chmod - Change file or directory permissions
  • grep - Search for a pattern in files
  • find - Search for files and directories
  • tar - manipulate tarball archive files
  • vi - Edit files using text editors
  • cat - display the content of files
  • top - Display processes and resource usage
  • ps - Display processes information
  • kill - Terminate a process by sending a signal
  • du - Estimate file space usage\
  • ifconfig - Configure network interfaces
  • ping - Test network connectivity between hosts