90 days of Notice Period! Does it make sense?

In 1996 notice period used to be 30 days. ( Labour Law Mandate )

90 days of notice period! Does it make sense?

90 days of notice period! Does it make sense?

But someone (in India) was really in love with his employees so they made it 60 days. Love kept blossoming and they made it 90 days!!


Well, I said in "India" because I know in the US it is just 15 days or in some states, it's "employment at will" which means you can walk out anytime.

So why in India we are so obsessed with long notice period?

Someone will say - knowledge transition (KT). I will say no KT can take more than two weeks.

Someone will say the client's project. I would say those very clients let their employees go within 15 days!

I tell you the real reason - it was just to make exit more difficult. Did it work? No, infact it made it messier.

Now people have more time in hand after notifying their employer so they keep interviewing and better their offer. This means if someone has 3 offers in hand, he is going to ditch two companies!

Those two companies after getting ditched couple of times will try to hire only those candidates who are serving the notice period.

And here we go! We just started an artificial war right there!

By making notice period 30 days we can definitely reduce this multiple offer mess.

What do you think?

Courtesy: Anand Jadhav ( IT Recruiter at NoConsultant.Com )