Be Truthful in the Interview

Be truthful in the Interview!

I was talking to a candidate recently. Upon asking the reason of not working currently, she said that she was getting married but now the dates are postponed, hence she wants to resume working.

Be Truthful in the Interview

I asked her,
'How do we trust that you won't leave us in a short time if the dates are fixed immediately after you join us'?

Then she went on telling more excuses, only to later admit that she was laid off!

I told her this:
'You don't know how the person in the interview is going to take things and so the best thing is to be 'truthful.
This will ensure, you aren't telling more lies to cover one.
Plus, right people will not judge you based on any biases and those who do, weren't worth working for anyway!'
So never a loss.

Fair Organisations hire people without biases!
We can't favour and hire if there is no opening for a particular skill, but working or not, you will be hired only basis your fitment & relevant experience.

Layoffs, Gaps are real things and that's perfectly fine.
Not having skills is not!

Remember: How long an employee stays in a company depends on many factors from both the sides and can't be predicted but it's imperative that you come across genuine & trustworthy in the interview!

Courtesy: Shilpi Jha