Don’t apply for Every Job you see

A job application frenzy doesn’t help your chances of landing your dream role, experts say.

Don’t apply for Every Job you see

Poor preparation, applying for too many jobs, narrow thinking, and a lack of attention to detail is the biggest mistakes job hunters can make, recruitment experts have revealed.

Though some jobs are returning in certain industries and sectors, the employment market remains highly competitive, with the unemployment rate currently at 7 per cent.

But job hunters are hurting their chances further by making some fatal mistakes, career experts have said.

1. Don’t go too hard, too fast

Workers who have recently lost their job might go into an ‘application frenzy’ – but this could backfire.

“It can be tempting to rush into your job search and apply for any and every job you see available,” Hays ANZ managing director Nick Deligiannis told Yahoo Finance.

While you shouldn’t delay the application process, your best bet is to consider your future career.

“Take some time first to think about your longer-term career goals and ambitions, then devise a career plan to ensure your next job moves you closer to realizing those goals,” Deligiannis said.

After you assess that, you might find yourself gunning for a different kind of role that lets you develop new skills and do more of the work you enjoy, he added.

“Or perhaps you need to gain experience in a different industry. You may even decide you want to take your career into an entirely new direction.”

2. Keywords matter

3. Do your homework

4. Know your strengths – and shout about it

5. Think big

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