Free 2 Days WorkShop on Twitter Streaming API

Free 2 Days WorkShop on Twitter Streaming API by Arun Kudiyal


Topic Name: Twitter Streaming API using SocketIO

Technologies Covered: NodeJS, Express, SocketIO, Needle and JavaScript


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Day 1:

  • Intro
  • Create App In Portal
  • Dependencies & Setup
  • Tweet Fields
  • Get Rules
  • Set Rules
  • Delete Rules
  • Get Tweet Streaming

Day 2:

  • SocketIO Setup
  • Create Client
  • Emitting Tweets
  • Client-Side SocketIO
  • Adding The HTML
  • Add Tweets To DOM

What would you learn in the session:

  • Detailed implementation of SocketIO & Needle using Express.
  • A detailed overview of what Twitter Streaming API is and how does that work.
  • Detailed overview of how to get, set and delete rules for the Twitter Streaming API.
  • DOM & DOM Traversal by adding LIVE tweets to the DOM.