How to make fairly technical content "reader-friendly"?

Often, we have to write content on technical niches when the client strictly mentions that the audience might be someone who is new to this niche and just exploring!


How do you make it easy for them?

Here are 4 pointers that you can follow:

  • Speak in their language:
    If your reader base is young, use terms and phrases that are a part of their everyday vocabulary. This will keep them hooked to the content.

  • Use small stories or scenarios:
    DON'T makes its technical jargon. Communicate with your readers using little stories or real-life scenarios. Add personal experiences that your readers can learn from.

  • Use humour in the right places:
    Your reader might have stumbled upon your content from a random Google search. Don't make it boring for them. Add some light-hearted humour and fun references to keep them engaged in the content.

  • Add numbers and figures:
    When the readers get to see the numerical and statistical data, it inculcates more faith in the concept. "Numbers don't lie" and the readers believe this whole-heartedly. Put in some researched numerical data and help them grow their faith in the concept!

Hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts below!