SAP Basis Work Process

There are 5 types of work processes. Each work process will take a memory of 75MB with a run-time parameter of 600 to 3600 sec.

1. Dialogue work process: 

  • It mainly deals with user logins.
  • There should be a minimum of 2 dialogue work processes.
  • Deals with user requests directly.
  • If there are no free dialogue work processes, the user won't be able to log in.
  • We can increase or decrease the number of dialogue work processes.

2. Background work process:

  • These are used for executing background jobs i.e. time-consuming jobs.
  • We can increase or decrease the number of dialogue work processes, which can be 0.

3. Spool work process:

  • This work process is used for output activities like printing something.
  • Various spool work processes can't be changed.

4. Enqueue work process:

  • It is used for locking objects or systems.
  • To keep data safe.

5. Update work process:

  • This work process will be used when we do any update-related work like updating data.
  • A minimum of 1 update work process is required.
  • We can increase or decrease.
  • We can check these processes by using T-Code SM50

There are 2 service related work processes also:

  1. Message server: To transfer messages between servers
  2. Gateway server: To allow data transfers to different application servers.